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Courage Concepts - Judith L. Pearson
Judy Pearson

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What are the 20 essential life lessons?

1: You Were Chosen
2: Here Be Dragons
3: A Warrior's Perspective
4: Inside-Out
5: It's Just Hair
6: Help
7: Don't Always Be Prepared
8: Winning Is Everything
9: Make a List, Check It Twice
10: Global Warming
11: Get ready... get set...
12: An Apple a Day
13: Keep Calm and Carry On
14: Buddy, Can You Spare Some Change?
15: Welcome to My Nightmare
16: 10 Reps of Patience
17: Blessings Count
18: A Guy Goes to See His Doctor...
19: Courage is Contagious
20: A New Beginning


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Courage Concepts Publishing Presents: It's Just Hair by Judith L. Pearson


"This can't be happening to me!" Yes, bad things do happen to good people. Perplexing or painful, personal or professional, life challenges stop us in our tracks, leaving us numb, breathless and frightened to our very core.

The 20 essential life lessons in It's Just Hair will give you the strength and perspective to meet these challenges. Read them all at once, read them one at a time. Read them in moments of solitude, read them out loud with others. Read them as a battle cry, read them in a quiet whisper. These powerful lessons, delivered with honesty, courage and brilliant humor, are resources you or a loved one will reference time and again.


It's Just Hair will:

  • Be a timeless resource for tackling any life challenge.

  • Impart thought provoking lessons in courage, humor, patience, acceptance, stress management and more.

  • Deliver those lessons in a quick and easy-to-relate-to manner – each one is less than five pages!

  • Tickle your funny bone and touch your heart in just the right way.

  • Be the perfect gift for those facing a difficult journey. And you'll want a copy for yourself, too!


Judith Pearson's writing career began in a tree: a wonderful old maple in her parents' backyard, with a perfect branch on which to sit. It was there, as a teenager, that she first wrote her thoughts on current events and life in general. Now hundreds of thousands of words later, this Michigan native is still writing.

A graduate of Michigan State University, Pearson has written nearly a hundred newspaper and magazine articles. In addition, she has published two books, both biographies about ordinary people who exhibited extraordinary courage: Belly of the Beast: a POW's Inspiring True Story of Faith, Courage and Survival, and Wolves at the Door: the True Story of America's Greatest Female Spy. The latter has been optioned for a movie.

The founder of Courage Concepts, an organization that fosters courage in women, Pearson provides workshops and keynotes for corporations and organizations. An unexpected life challenge caused her to realize what life is really all about.

Several years ago, Judy returned to her idyllic little home town on the shores of Lake Michigan, where she lives with her husband. And she still climbs trees.

















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